About us

Alexandre de Boccard

Chairman of the Board of Directors

After graduating in law in 2003 from the Geneva University and a LL.M. from the Georgetown University in Washington DC in 2007, Mr. de Boccard acquired his experience in the banking department of a prestigious Swiss law firm. In 2013, Alexandre joined Ochsner & Associés in Geneva as a specialist in financial market regulation.
Member of the Bar of New York and Geneva, Mr. de Boccard brings to Weisshorn Asset Management SA a valuable legal and regulatory know-how.

Xavier Pellaud

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Charterholder's Federal Diploma of Expert-Comptable, LBA manager of Fiducior SA, Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors - Expert Auditor certified ASR. Member of EXPERT Suisse.

Thierry Michel

CEO, Founder

Following his university degree in Geneva, Thierry joined a major international Swiss bank as a Wealth manager. In 2004, Thierry became director of the bank. Later on, he decided to launch his own wealth management company to be closer to his customers, which is what he most values.

Alexandre Gulino

CIO, Founder

After completing his studies in Geneva, Alexandre joined a large international Swiss bank as an advisor on equity and derivatives markets. During this period, Alexandre gets his financial analyst diplomas CFPI (AZEK) and CIIA. After a brief period working with a Geneva private bank as a technical analyst, Alexandre embarks as asset manager in 2006 by co-founding OAM Finance SA where he developed and implemented the investment strategy according to the various mandates given by clients.

Our history

Weisshorn Asset Management was founded in 2015 by experienced Asset Managers who have all been independent for over 10 years. Since its inception, the company has been providing portfolio management services to high net worth private clients. Following the granting of the CISA license by the FINMA, the company  established an Asset Management division and manages regulated mutual funds. Weisshorn is committed to building asset allocations that meet the private and financial needs of its clients. Achieving the best risk-adjusted return is one of its priorities. 

I. Board of Directors

  • Alexandre de Boccard, Chairman
  • Xavier Pellaud, Vice-Chairman
  • Thierry Michel, Secretary

II. Management team

  • Thierry Michel, CEO
  • Alexandre Gulino, CIO

III. Risk Management & Compliance

  • Jeanne Jost, Risk Manager
  • Stéphane Hofer, Compliance

V. Team

  • Denis Lattion, Senior Manager
  • Sonia Scaraggi, Responsible for Customer Relationship
  • Christina Gaud, Customer Relationship Assistant
  • Monica Domenech, Customer Relationship Assistant
  • Nathalia Vaca Lopez, Administrative Assistant
  • Yan Zanus-Fortès, Senior Business Developper

VI. Founders

Strategy & Culture

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We put all our energy into developing a relationship of trust that will meet your expectations.

Responsible and concerned about the future of the capital you entrust to us, in some instances from generation to generation, we offer you an in-depth and personalized financial analysis.

Our values:

  • An uncompromisingethic that determines the conduct of our business model
  • A long-term relationship of mutual trust with our clients and partners
  • The integration of financial innovations in our investment universe and portfolio construction

Our pricing :

  • Our rates are fully transparent
  • Total absence of kickbacks
  • No double billing between our management fees and our products
  • No hidden fees
  • Access to the most advantageous investment fund classes

As a result, your capital growth will benefit significantly over the years.

For their benefit, we offer our customers and partners all our attention and investment expertise.